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Focus is in response to the hidden presence of the simple character in the rural environment in the urban landscape through the image-making process transformed into cinematic character. Trying to explore the beauty or essence of the subject and hidden qualities inside it. An engaging with the retinal and digital—through innovative usage of image superimposition and sandwich techniques.

 “What makes photography a strange invention is that its primary raw materials are light and time”. – John Berger

Taking the power of the elegance and the subject skin—where skin became a representation of time and environment. Where human performed as an object in space, from gesture to gaze this certain action and over-imposing layers showing the brutality of visual information. As a visual creator of the image and recording one particular action during time through lens-based tool, this series of works trying to understand two different visual narrative on one single surface where consciously picking visual information in different time durations. I’m trying to achieve visual beauty from ordinary space and subject.