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Artist Statement

Imran Muhammad photographic practice has developed from a Fine Art background in contemporary digital art and photography. Always trying to explore the beauty or essence of the subject and hidden qualities inside it, his work explores ideas of vision, touch, and the nature of experience and exploration. The work combines painterly texture, lens based media and digital technologies.

 Two of his great passions in life are travel and documenting story through the art of photography. He believes that travel broadens one’s view of the world. Experiencing other cultures, meeting people from other communities and other countries and seeing the beauty and explore culture and social behavior, of the world has helped him understand that all of our lives are at once interconnected and individual. However different communities and culture he explored he become a much more tolerant and broad-minded person as a result. He has been a travel more then 260 cities from South East Asia, Asia Pacific to Europe, UK and USA.

And his journey continues while exploring innovative ideas and he is citizen of the world.

About Me

Born in Pakistan, he always love to explore himself in different creative areas, after bachelor in Fine Arts From Karachi School of Arts, he went to Italy for further explore Visual media in photography in experiment basis from IED (Istituto Europeo di Design) finished with Bachelor in photography-with distinction. During and after this period he was working as a freelance photographer with many International famous brands.  Later He came back to Pakistan and running his own photographic studio. During this period he was part of the many commercial/volunteer projects and also explore him self into teaching as well. Few years later he went to England for MA studies in contemporary photography practice from university of Sunderland. His photography practice explore and capture the beauty of the surroundings and subject, currently he start experiment with conventional photography practice and bring fine art practice into it with the help of digital medium. Always love to share his experience and knowledge with others so teaching is the best way to achieve. He taught as Foriegn Lecturer in china. Later in Pakistan as Foreign visiting professor “hired by higher education commission of Pakistan”. Later he was working as assistant professor at the university in Dubai.

2011 JurorUn Click Fouri Dell Ring”, Photography Competition. Verona, Italy.



At Present- Experimenting on Digital Contemporary Imaging for upcoming Exhibition.

2012   Urban Land-Escape (Two person show) at Huanghuai University, China

2011 Common Ground (Group Exhibition) at Reg Vardy Gallery Sunderland, UK

2010 – 11 Essen/Sunderland billboard project exhibition. (Billboard series exhibited on advertising sites across the city of Essen, Germany and in Sunderland UK),

2010 Image (Photography Exhibition) at Alhumra Art Council, Lahore, Pakistan

2007 Digital Photography Exhibition. Milan Italy. 2007

(The exhibition traveled throughout the country)

2006 Noir Photographic Exhibition, Milan Italy. (The Exhibition was also held in Germany)

2006 Photographic Exhibition at Galleria-Arte, Milan Italy.

2006 Participated in MI-ARTE, Milan Italy.

2005 International Photographic Competition by UNEP (United Nation Environment Program)

2005 All Pakistan Digital Photography Competition rganized by HP, Lahore, Pakistan

2004 All Pakistan Digital Photography Competition organized by HP, Lahore, Pakistan

2004 Selected artists in all Pakistan arrange by PNCA for out door program to promote

Northern Area’s of Pakistan.

2004 Participated as a Sculptor in Art Fest organized by Sheraton Hotel, Karachi

2004 Kodak Photo Vision at Art Council organized by Photographic Society, Karachi 2004 “Emerging Talent” Exhibition at V.M Art Gallery, Karachi, Pakistan

2004 Thakti Exhibition by India- Pakistan Peace Summit Conference at Hotel Beach Luxury, Karachi, Pakistan

All Pakistan Photography Exhibitions at P.N.C.A, Islamabad 2003.

2003 Nationwide Photographic Exhibition at The Art Council, Karachi, Pakistan

2003 Artsmart Design Competition by Benson & Hedges 2003

2002 National Exhibition of Sculpture at Al Hamra Art Gallery, Lahore, Pakistan

2001 Carvan-e- Karachi Art event for promoting Art at Frere Hall, Karachi, Pakistan